20 Gutsy Modern Living Room Furniture for Your Condo

Living Room Furniture – The presence of condo in a metropolis is nothing but essential nowadays. The selection of this type of dwelling is considered great as it factually provides safe shelter for the townspeople. Ubiquitously scattered across the urban area, condos make everything accessible. We surely can’t deny the fact that the habitations are a short distance from the office, shopping center, and other sets of public eyes, right?

Regardless of the style you are opting for, be it the spacious condo filled with opulence value or the one that is minimalist yet elegant, keep in mind that the key element of the residence is, without fail, the living area. Not only is it where you can take a load off with your family, but the place basically represents your personality.

To lift the sophistication of the sitting space of yours to the upper level, it is vital that you take into account the thing making it more vibrant, full of pleasure and zeal—the living room furniture. You might go with a pile of uncertainties when it comes to picking out the best one. However, these following stupefying ideas will obviously help you decide.

1. Symbol Brickell, Tower 1– Private Residence

1 Icon Brickwell
Cardenas+Kriz design studio

The living area in Icon Brickell Tower 1 looks too good to be true as it applies the twenty-first-century construct throughout the space. It combines the casual-look sofa and cotton chairs with stainless steel stand fitting for the restricted room. The furniture gives rise to the neutral shade making the inhabitants feel the timeless comfort.

2. Atypical Style

2 Living Room
Itsuv Design Lab

There is nothing wrong with the eccentric touch to give the gracefulness of your condo’s front. The bizarre-shaped chairs from shopping chart lounger to rocking on the beach and from millipede chair to the cut chair always lead to the neoteric vibe.  Everyone must be of the same mind that looking advanced goes with the high value in the interior design.

3. Dallas, TX: Brian and Katherine

3 Dallas
Sarah Greenman

For more elevation, setting the leather-based couches with the jet-black shade on the acrylic floor is such a brilliant idea. The futuristic impression is amplified when the chrome table is added to complement your piece of home paradise. Not only is it hip and cool but the place lets your neighbors always praise whenever they enter the area.

4.  Time Square Pied-a-Terre

4 Time Square
Moment Design + Productions, LLC

In terms of ease, a day bed totally is excellent. Place it in the center of your living room and let it be a functional divider. The significance of classy thing needs to be perfected by the existence of the coal-black modular chairs elegantly arranged with the round glass table. To raise the natural feeling, locate several green houseplants in the corner.

5. Modern High-Rise

5 Modern
Mia Rao Design

The modern high-rise is accentuated by the color game. The living area is dominated by the combination of the hue of peacock-green and gray.  The tones create a softer ambiance to the rest of the place. The ottoman, as well as the lounge chair of Earnes, is the set of living room furniture you can’t take lightly for this case. For the dramatic result, install the rug.

6. Neutral Look

6 Living Room
Mauricio Nava Design, LLC

If you have a go with the neutral concept, it puts out a wider variety in terms of interior sophistication of your condominium. The hip living room design is often associated with the sizeable couch coming with neutral shades such as pure white, charcoal, and dim gray. This piece definitely is in tune with the area rug and the same is true with the lush backdrop—houseplants for instance. This kind fits with your extensive space.

7. Buckinghamshire Residence

7 Br
LLI Design

If you find your wall coated with white shades from eggshell to cream, you are suggested to add the room’s vibrancy by picking out the flagrant, colorful furniture. For the best result, presenting the red sofa to your visitors is nothing yet upscale. In addition to that, you need to place the gray and red rug straight under the table. Its presence truly brings so-called posh element.

8. Silo Point Luxury Waterfront Condos

8 Silo
Lauren M. Levine Interiors

Having a finite living area is no longer a serious matter when it comes to remodeling your condo. Everything looks unbelievable with the bold multi-colored furniture. Moreover, the zigzag-patterned rug will make a statement among the interior enthusiasts. To gain the fine-looking contrast, you might combine these following colors—teal (blue-green), blue, and yellow.

9. Home Staging in West Toronto

9 Flh
Seems like Home 2 Me

This type of style suitable for the restricted space gets the most out of wall mirrors. The objects reflecting light are capable of developing a beautiful dimension. The fact that they create an illusion making your spot to put your feet up look more comprehensive is fascinating. As a matter of fact, having a cramped condo is not a big deal with this scheme.

10. Malcolm Duffin Design

10 Mduffin
Malcolm Duffin Design

It is characterized by an art-inspired décor. The key elements of this model are the abstract table lights. When they are combined with the table and sofa’s block shades, your living space stays neutral yet neat and nice. Additionally, the geometric designs on the wallpaper create the timeless harmony everyone must think highly of.

11. A Simplified Storage Space

11 Ikea Storage

Planning to get rid of a mess at your condo’s main part? Don’t ever try to miss out on the concept of streamlined storage space. With this, you can save your small space for anything handy. For the right selection of furniture, you might locate the contemporary furniture that has brilliant shade. Have a go with the glass door so that the things inside are visible.

12. High Rise Condo

12 Hrc
Lorin Hill, Architect

The scheme of this typical living room boasts the bold shades carrying out the sense of exquisiteness and fun. The indigo and modular yellow couch complemented by the transparent acrylic table literally is striking. The blend leads to the bold vibe you must take a shine to. Meanwhile, the candid paintings on the wall make a pleasant look.

13. Hanging Cabinets

13 Ikea

Another alternative to tackle with the limited place is none other than benefitting the hanging cabinets; they totally save up the condo’s space of yours. The DIY idea might test your wildest dream when it comes to inventing the out-of-this-world furniture creation. Show your artistic side of you to keep your living room in style and trendy.

14. Vibrant Look

14 Colorful
Anthony Baratta LLC

Enlivening your condo’s living room with the strong colors is not a bad idea. For the aggregate reason, you shouldn’t focus only one aspect that is the furniture but also the wall surfaces and interior decoration. In order to keep the overwhelming impression off, adding the minor visual echoes to give rise to balance is definitely the thing.

15. One Bedford Condo Suite

15 Onebedford
Boxwood Architects

The neoteric vibe will immediately appear once the contemporary sectional sofa is applied in your cramped condo’s space. To enhance the magnificent accentuation, there is nothing you can’t do other than installing the attention-grabbing light-colored floor. The soft furry bags coming with extraordinary patterns on your sofa are great for the finishing touch.

16. Online Design Inspired by Coxford Condo

16 Coxford Condo
Danielle Oakey Interiors

One of the tricky ways to add spice to your blank living area specifically on the wall section is establishing an eye-catching gallery. In the name of functionality as well as practicality, you are encouraged to locate the multi-functional furniture. A sofa with handy end tables could be an ideal sample.

17. An Abundance of Seats

17 Ikea

Who says jamming your living space with plenty of seats look outdated? It turns out that the presence of them brings the endless joy as long as the U-shape formation is not underrated. Choose the state-of-the-art couches with brilliant shades (from yellow to red) to let the cheer happen.

18. Upper Kirby Highrise Condo

18 Upperk
Pearl Design

There is no harm to elevate the opulence value to your condo’s main room. We recommend you to have the contemporary sectional sofa to be placed as the center of everybody’s attention. This stunning living room furniture distinctly is compatible with the chrome coffee table made of glass, hairy rug, and not to mention the chairs zebra-printed.

19. Chinese Oriental Unit 4307

19 Mandarin
Deluxe Homes Photography

This kind is another elevated sophistication that anybody needs to appreciate. Not only does it allow your living space to be fashion-forward but this model also radiated the resplendence. This one is impeccable for the spacious condo.

20. Rittenhouse Square

20 Rittens
Shophouse Interiors

Rittenhouse Square is highlighted by the lavish image. The shades presented are charming letting the visitors unwilling to leave your living room. The combination of the royal blue chairs as well as the bluish-gray modular sofa is prepossessing.

The vital part when it comes to spicing up your condo’s living area is to consider what typical style of the furniture and its color. Once this fundamental aspect is kept up, you will no longer hire a professional to fix everything.

To make a long story short, there is nothing to be afraid of to try the fresh thing in mixing and matching the living room furniture. Have you decided your favored one? Go get it now!

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