22 Relaxing Bath Spaces With Wooden Bathroom Cabinets

Bathroom Cabinets – We need to admit that a cabinet has a lot to do with the entire look of a home. Yes, apart from its feature to keep stuffs, it could also be an enhancement to the design and look of a space whether that is a bedroom, living room or bathroom

Cabinets have different surfaces and are usually made from timber. But some cabinet maintain the all-natural feeling of wood. Doing that might in fact bring some all-natural feeling to the home and also might add some warmth to the aura of a space. There is something regarding wooden features that establish it apart from various other products.

It appears like an excellent mirror of our atmosphere when made use of for the inside of the home. Therefore, we collected some bathroom designs making use of wood cabinets. Come have a look.

wooden cabinets bathroom.

1. Fieldstone House

1 Field
De Meza + Architecture

Positioned against a mosaic wall, this cabinet looks beautiful in this open bathroom location.

2. Utopia Oak Bathroom Furniture

2 Roots
Origins Kitchens Bedrooms Bathrooms

A typical design of cabinets wherein the top as well as reduced ones match each various other.

3. Calanthe

3 Calanthe
Tim Ditchfield Architects

I such as the design of this one. It looks solid but could actually store products inside it.

4. Case Design/Remodeling, Inc

4 Case
Instance Design/Remodeling, Inc

A conventional bathroom has a high cabinet on the kitchen counter for various other much required storage space.

5. Mill Valley

5 Triggs
Creative Designs for Living, Tineke Triggs

This has a refined rustic look because of the finish of the wood.

6. Key Bathroom

6 Orbit
Orbit Homes

A modern bathroom would look cool with a cabinet like this one.

7. Small Beach House

7 David
David Wilkes Design

I am a fan of lighter wood like this due to the fact that it looks simply lovely!

8. Landsdale Bathrooms & Laundry

8 Glenda
Glenda Roff

Rather than utilizing wood coating for the entire cabinet, this set incorporated it with matte white.

9. Desert Contemporary

9 Lwrence
Lawrence Lake Interiors

Beautiful modern bathroom with so much storage space!

10. Brand name 1 Bathrooms– Leaders in Bathroom Design

10 Brandt

This one has a Zen allure and also a small yet useful wood cabinet.

11. Twin Creek

11 Bigd
Big-D Signature

A rustic bathroom location with darker wood shades.

12. 208RR

12 El
Moon Design + Build

Just neat and organized utilizing an L-shaped cabinet as well as kitchen counter.

13. Rock Showroom

13 Jenny
Jenny Campbell

You would certainly like the information of the workmanship of these cabinets in the bathroom.

14. Trendsetting in Solanat

14 Kw
KW Designs

What an enticing wooden cabinet! It matched well with the blue tiling.

15. Santa Barbara Dutch Colonial

15 Santa Barbara
Kathryne Designs, Inc

Absolutely a conventional design for a wooden bathroom with dark surface.

16. Bathroom

16 Design
DesignBlue, Inc

A simple handle-less wooden cabinet beings in this bathroom.

17. Zen Bathroom

17 Wood
DesignBlue, Inc

If you don’t wish to add cabinets below the sink, after that position them at the center such as this one!

18. Wyckoff Transitional/ Contemporary Master Bathroom

18 Wycoff
Ulrich Inc

A gorgeous bathroom cabinet in this contemporary-transitional space.

19. Waverly Place Townhouse

19 Waverly
Matiz Architecture & Design.

Give your cabinets that furnishings look by allowing them sit on legs.

20. Bathrooms

20 Rust
Harrell Remodeling.

I could really feel the dramatization of this space via its lighting in addition to the design of the cabinets you can see here.

21. Alameda Remodel

21 Caroline
Caroline Johnson Photography.

Just lovely! Apart from the appearance of the cabinets, I such as the styles also.

22. House Renovation

22 House
Sandy Hill Construction Ltd

You could certainly take advantage of the space under the sink like the cabinets in this one.

What can you state? The bathrooms have various designs indeed yet we could absolutely notice the appeal a wooden bathroom cabinet could give to every location. Also the designs of the cabinets differ as well yet they all provide a similar appeal and also charm to the atmosphere of the bathrooms above. So, which one is your fave?

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